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Quantum Future Group, Inc. was incorporated on 11 September 2003 as a non-profit, 501 (c)(3) publicly supported charity. Its Articles of Incorporation state that its goals are:

“to engage in research in the varied scientific and socio-cultural fields seeking solutions to the fundamental sufferings and limitations of humanity; to disseminate the findings and results of said research to the public by means of, though not limited to, publications, lectures and seminars; and to further and promote such research and dissemination.”

This international research and information group, organized on a worldwide scale, is composed of a network of contributing researchers and comprises hundreds of volunteers working together, almost exclusively via the Internet, and who are involved in research and the exchange and sharing of scientific and socio-cultural information from around the world.

To date, this research network is composed of approximately 4,000 contributors, representing roughly 60 nationalities.

This information is made available at no charge to a worldwide audience via “Signs of the Times” ( and other dedicated databases (such as the Historical Events Database), websites and printed publications.

QFG’s printed books are published and distributed by Red Pill Press (Canada), and Les Editions Pilule Rouge (France).

Philosophy and Mission

Quantum Future Group, Inc., is a unique organization both in conception and goals. It is the brainchild of Arkadiusz Jadczyk and Laura Knight-Jadczyk and the description of the corporate purpose consolidates in a few words their life-long personal dreams and goals. These scientific dreams and goals can best be explained by the following quote from the writings of Prof. Jadczyk:

Arkadiusz Jadczyk

This name came to my mind in Florence on a sunny Saturday of June 9, 1990, while walking along Viale Niccolo Machiavelli up to Piazza Michelangelo. Together with the name, Quantum Future, there came a feeling of weight and of urgency. I decided that I should not waste my time any more doing what others consider important. I felt that certain ideas that were waiting some place in my mind for so many years must not be postponed. That there is nothing more important than them. And so I decided to venture a new project.

It is about Quantum and about Future. It is about Potential and about Actual. It is about Space and about Time. I want it to be also about Knowledge and about Mind, about Determinism and about Free Will. And about knowing and understanding of ourselves together with the outside world. I have chosen the picture by Rene Magritte to symbolize the project. There is an ocean, and over the ocean and under the sky, there is floating a granite rock that carries a castle on its top. The rock seems weightless. Or better: it is heavy, but gravity does not apply. I wish that one day the project will bring us closer to an understanding of our hidden powers that can make rocks float in mid-air.

René Magritte is quoted to say:

“I am unaware of the real reason why I paint, just as I am unaware of the reason for living and dying.”

Which probably is true for most of us. So, we want to understand these reasons. Then we will be able to better perform our duties. Because we will understand why there are any duties at all. Of course we do not know for sure which of our efforts brings us closer to this goal of understanding. There are different paths – and all need to be explored. One thing however needs to be kept in mind: one should always watch carefully as to not be indoctrinated or obsessed. Religion, culture, but also with science - each of them separately and all of them together – they CAN indoctrinate us, close our minds, make us their slaves… I do believe that there is such a thing as Universal Mind. or something of this kind – as a separate reality.

I do believe that we need a theory that encompasses Matter and Mind.

I do believe that Quantum Theory is an important, but temporary, step toward this goal.

I do believe that our Creator – if there is one – allows for randomness – contrary to Einstein’s belief. I mean not that “God is playing dice” – of course not. But “He” allows Nature to play dice. And “He” allows Intelligence to choose unless intelligence is asleep – then dice is being tossed and we live under Murphy’s law.

In short: I believe that we, through some yet hidden intelligence in us (but its glimpses are perhaps known to mystics), are allowed to act against this randomness.

I believe we have Free Will – in quantities that depend on a person, on time, perhaps on “positions of stars,” perhaps on “shapes of morphogenetic fields,” perhaps … I do not know. That is one of the main puzzles that QF aims to solve.

I do not believe that chaos, non-computability or complexity can replace randomness in this respect. Computationally – yes. But to a limited degree. I believe there is a true random element in the Universe. Of course if asked what do I mean by this: “true random” – I will have a very hard time answering. I know: all these theories of complexity and randomness and such. Kolomogorov, Chaitin, Chaos, Universality and whatever else. But quantum theory is above these abstract speculations. Because quantum theory is not that abstract. It is about Nature and it is becoming also about Us.

I believe that the theory that encompasses Matter and Mind must start with Quantum Theory – the best theory of matter that we have. Even if in other places I criticise it strongly. Even if I say that “it is not even a theory”. Why? Why do I value Quantum Theory so much while at the same time criticising it so strongly? Because it is supported by some powerful mathematics, and because it is able to produce numbers. I believe it is a temporary way of dealing with the infinite depth of the Unknown. We need new concepts that will allow us to ask new questions. We need to understand the nature of Time – this is one of the most crucial problems. EEQT – its ‘event enhanced’ version – goes even further: not only does it produce numbers that concern averages but also it simulates real events for individual histories. But EEQT is only the first step. It is too phenomenological. Even if I like to call it a “Columbus solution to the quantum measurement problem”, even then it is just the beginning. Not even a first step …

I do not believe that biological systems must be studied by other means – other than physics, other than mathematics – as suggested by B. Josephson.

But in a sense I agree with Josephson: physics can and should be made less dogmatic – and its field should be extended; including at least a refined information theory.

We can not make any real progress without mathematics – the most logical theory that we have – even if its logic has its own flaws (Goedel). Without mathematics we will be drawn into pure metaphysics – and this will be the end of our civilisation.

I think that Universal Mind is an oversimplification. I think it is also a misleading concept. Why? Because using it may suggest I am an atheist. And I am not. (But I am also not adherent to any particular religion…) What does that means? Stressing Universal Mind suggests Knowledge has the highest value. But it is not the case. What counts first are the moral values. Logical values come later.

Do we need a theory that encompasses Matter and Mind? Yes, I believe that we do. But … Yes, there is a “but.” Again it has to do with moral values. We know from history that the results of science can be used for good and for evil purposes. We know even more: that they are always used also for evil purposes – whatever the precautions taken! This holds for ordinary science. Now, if the dream of creating a theory relating Mind to Matter will come true – then the scope of science will extend tremendously. By acting directly on minds, one person will be able to influence instantly lives of millions. Unless we grow morally this could be a disaster for our planet. So what to do? No simple answer exists. But whenever we see somebody (like me before) who tends to make knowledge the highest value – then one has to be on guard. Knowledge can, and often does, lead to evil … (but lack of Knowledge can lead to even more evil….)

Concerning randomness and Einstein’s dissatisfaction with the picture of “God playing dice”: if we think of the Universe as infinitely complex – then using probability theory may be the only way to describe the Infinite in finite terms. This may be the true reason for randomness in Nature. We can use our Free Will to control random events (to some degree). In fact, we must exercise our Free Will. Otherwise the merciless Law-of-Universal-Decay-of-Everything will lead the World back into Chaos. Randomness was necessary to create the Universe – that it is open into the Future – but Randomness is pushing this Universe back into the original Pleroma state. Unless Intelligence intervenes, unless the Good wins over the Evil, unless the Free Will acts to help the Creation, unless WE consider it our highest duty – unless all that happens – the Window into the Future may close forever.

I am convinced now that real progress in physics must come from new physical ideas and not from mathematical structures – whatever power and beauty they offer. Mathematical structures are, for a physicist, what Sirens were for Odysseus. You should listen to them as they offer you the standards of beauty; but you should never stay with them too long. In fact, I think that it is also not good for Mathematics if the sharpest minds of mathematicians become hypnotized by the idea that their work may solve physical problems. This may bring short-term benefits but, I believe, at the cost of long-term progress. When wings of mathematicians become heavy, they fly at lower altitudes than they would fly otherwise. I would like to see them flying high in the sky – higher than my eye can see. Of course there is also applied mathematics. And that is most useful – but that is not what I am talking about.

I want to follow what always fascinated me most: more esoteric and more difficult ideas; those that demand going beyond the established boundaries of Physics. I am aware that trespassing into alien territories brings danger. Therefore going there I want to keep with me:

my only food - repeatable facts
my only arms - mathematical equations
my only bullets - numbers
my only shield - common sense.

I do not know how far I will go and how much of the uncharted land will be revealed to me. Other travelers have crossed these territories many times – but often with different goals in their minds. I believe that Mathematics and Physics are our best tools for conquering the Unknown. I am not saying they are “the only tools”. I am saying they are “the best” ones that we know.

“But what matters most to me, personally, is being able to communicate to others my sense of what mathematical research is all about – the quest for truth and the inner joy that comes from surrendering oneself to it.”

Alain Connes in Conversations on Mind, Matter, and Mathematics by Jean-Pierre Changeux and Alain Connes

We should aim at converting “unspeakable” into “speakable,” and then the speakable into logic and mathematics. Next, we must reshape and extend the “real world” around us. I believe that this is our lot. Running away from this lot is weakness. Running away from reality makes sense only if, at the final instant, it brings “progress in science.” Here I mean “progress” in its ordinary, naive, sense: progress in understanding, progress in theory, progress in technology. I am well aware of the dangerous aspects of any “progress,” but we have no other choice.

We must do all we can to reshape our world, and we must try even more to avoid the dangers of progress run amok…

Thus, we must not cease in our efforts to make the next step, and then the next. At the same time we must not cease to make continuously all efforts that we can to understand better. And then we must convert this understanding into our everyday language that we talk to our children.

Laura Knight-Jadczyk

For her part, Laura Knight-Jadczyk has spent her life exploring the unknown along parallel pathways including biology, psychology, sociology, history (including archaeology, paleontology etc.), and metaphysics. Sometimes these pathways combine as when religion, belonging to metaphysics, is studied via the historical pathway, and when history is studied with psychology and biology as the overarching context.

With this background of years of reading that, had it been done in an academic setting, would have resulted in numerous degrees, early in the 1980s, Laura turned her attention to Western Civilization’s long tradition of monotheistic religions and prophecy. This led to studies of cosmic phenomena and geological processes and whether or not they correlated to so-called prophecies. At the end of this study, she noted that there were definite repeating cycles in history following parallel lines from biological to psychological (including religion) and socio-political. In this way, she came to the idea that history itself was a macro-cosmic quantum phenomenon relative to the scale of the Universe/Cosmos and that human beings themselves, individually and in groups, were something like quantum packets of energy that could be added or subtracted and contributory toward large scale “event collapse”. This was the underlying concept that then began to drive her further researches which included observation of Current Events which she points out are “history in process.” The questions she poses are: can we find out the processes and utilize them to make predictions? And if we can predict, can we also change our current state and thus change the outcome?

In the 1990s, she turned her attention to the claims of many alternative experts in what is commonly known as the “New Age movement” of metaphysical beliefs since they, too, make prophetic predictions. From her perspective, such phenomena had a history the same way mainstream religions had histories that could be studied and understood in a factual event constrained manner. This led to certain metaphysical experiments which then led to a deeper and wider study of history in order to ascertain the facts on which many ideas and beliefs are based.

In 2002, she created “Signs of the Times” (, a website that collected daily excerpts of significant current events that could be considered influences over the addition or subtraction of “packets of human energy” to any building macro-cosmic quantum-wave collapse. In addition to just collecting the items, she also wondered if other “packets of human energy” could consciously alter the progression of events. Obviously, her project of gathering as much data as possible about historical facts and current events was fraught with difficulty and necessitated the help of others. Many people came forward and expressed interest in the projects and experiments and thus, a loose gathering of researchers was formed. The loose gathering soon became a more solidified group that met together to discuss the issues of the various experiments.

On their own initiative and at their own expense, then, for years, Ark and Laura Jadczyk carried on this research, publishing their findings for free, and attracting many other researchers – both academic and talented individuals from many professions – who came together to help. All of this was in place long before it was seen as expedient to incorporate Quantum Future Group to further the vision.

Geographical scope and liaison facilities belonging to QFG

QFG has grown organically into a private network of the “think-tank” type, combined with experiments conducted by individuals and groups based on the research of said groups and individuals. The majority of researchers and experimenters are to be found in the US and Canada and the work is produced and published in English which is currently accepted as the global language of science and culture. However, QFG has noted that language barriers are one of the elements that lead to misunderstandings and barriers between socio-cultural groups and thus, very early in its existence, it undertook to promote translations of some of the more important works.

At the same time, Prof. Dr. Jadczyk, being Polish, and Mrs. Jadczyk, being American, and several of the leading researchers being EU or UK citizens, it was seen as useful to establish a liaison facility in Europe; France was chosen since Prof. Jadczyk had several scientific colleagues there with whom he often consulted. In France, there is a team of 12 dedicated researchers who collect and collate not only their own research, but that of others around the world. This research is then published in the US via all available media channels.

Since 2003, QFG researchers have experimented with leading edge social living, and business model experiments. A second working research facility (affiliate) was established in Canada that has taken the lead on both social experimentation and business, and in publishing and distributing the printed works of QFG. This model has been so successful that a second group formed in Canada followed by a similar one in Massachusetts.

The mission governing each satellite center is to perform research involving several fields depending on the expertise and interests of the group formation, and also to organize activities such as real-time meetings, social events, and working retreats, under the aegis and support of QFG. Each center performs activities of an auxiliary and preparatory nature, which help fulfill the mission set forth by the corporation which is then overseen and managed financially from the central business office.

Research grants

QFG also makes significant and regular contributions to other non-profit organizations.

Click here to download and fill in the QFG grant application form. Completed grant application forms should be returned to:

QFG, Inc.
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or emailed to: with “Grant application” in the subject line.

Quantum Future Group is looking forward to growing achievements and a Quantum Leap for the upcoming year. We have grown and evolved in response to the concerns of our time, and we value the fact that we experience the same support and the same attacks as the individuals we serve. We learn how to help others from managing our organization, and we learn from how we help other groups and individuals how best to manage our organization.

It has been said that organizations make use of people to get work done. Actually, people with vision make use of nonprofit organizations as their vehicles for social change. We are proud of our members and partners, and we look confidently and determinedly towards a shared, Quantum Future.