Quantum Future Group

… because the future is open

During the the past hundred years or so, every important idea for social change has been incubated in the nonprofit sector. The struggles for civil rights, for women’s rights, for environmental health, for AIDS treatment, for disabled access, for sustainability, for peace, for family support, for jobs and economic development — these are all ideas that were nurtured and launched through nonprofit organizations that have changed the world. The ideas of the founders and members of Quantum Future Group go to the core of these issues, seeking scientific socio-cultural solutions to the most fundamental problems of humanity.

Quantum Future Group is a non profit organization 501 (c) (3)

One of the main objectives of the Quantum Future Group is to bring together people to engage in and to promote the study of scientific ideas and research in all scientific and socio-cultural fields that further the deepest understanding of our world and our place within it without regard to nationality or ethnicity. Our work seeks to increase the understanding of humankind BY humankind, as a whole, by studying all the parts to see how they fit together.

A second objective, tied closely to the first, is to document such research and to make it freely and widely available to all of humanity.

Our Mission and Vision

Mission statement
The mission of Quantum Future Group is to increase the effectiveness and impact of the results of research in the varied scientific and socio-cultural fields that are geared toward seeking solutions to the fundamental sufferings and limitations of humanity. QFG also funds other organizations and individuals engaged in similar pursuits.
Vision statement
Nonprofits serve as the agents of democratic involvement of society in furthering innovation and positive social change. Quantum Future Groups leadership and services are international in scope, and support the growth of effective research programs and the dissemination of results essential to healthy communities.

Support Our Work

By supporting Quantum Future Group you’re also supporting the work of all the groups and individuals that we directly work with to create social change. You can support Quantum Future Group’s work by donating on our

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